Strategic Themes

The Faculty of Social Sciences cares about the themes that are embedded in our faculty strategy. To give momentum to certain themes within the strategy, we work with various projects and initiatives that create additional stimulus and change capacity.

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Handen die een groep mensen beschermen

Social Safety

The Faculty of Social Sciences stands for a safe environment for its staff and students. We are responsible for a pleasant working and study atmosphere in which everyone feels safe and understands that this can mean something different for every student and employee. Therefore, we try to make everyone aware of the aspects of social safety and offer guidance and perspectives for when you unexpectedly encounter an unsafe situation. We realise that social safety is an important and, at the same time, difficult topic and want to improve it together. If you have something on your mind, we are here for you. 

Project Social Safety

Contactprogrammesocialsafetyfsw [at] (programmesocialsafetyfsw[at]ru[dot]nl) 

Twee handen met draadjes en bolletjes

Recognition and Rewards

We want to find a better balance within the Faculty of Social Sciences in recognising and valuing the diverse talents needed within the university in the areas of teaching, research, impact and leadership. The key question is how to create different development and career paths that do justice to this diversity. This means that employees do not have to excel in all these areas but are allowed to add priority to the areas they do excel in. Besides the theme of career paths and profiles, the focus is on workload reduction. Within the faculty, the R&R programme team is engaging in wide-ranging discussions on both themes. Stay tuned into the programme.

Report 'Balanced Recognition and Reward at FSS'

Contact: erkennen-waarderen-fsw [at] (erkennen-waarderen-fsw[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl)

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In line with the university strategy, the Faculty of Social Sciences has set ambitious goals regarding sustainability for 2021-2026. As a social faculty, we do not want to stand on the sidelines but actively contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. The focus for our faculty in the coming years will, therefore, be on embedding sustainability in education and research. In addition, we also encourage more sustainable behaviour from students and staff in our sustainable Maria Montessori building and focus on more sustainable operations.

Sustainability Roadmap

Contactbarbara.muller [at] (barbara[dot]muller[at]ru[dot]nl)

Icoon van groep diverse personen

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The faculty is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe working and study environment. In the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI), students and staff from different departments, studies and backgrounds discuss diversity, equity and inclusion issues. Read more about diversity, equity and inclusion here.

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