Icoon met drie personen in een hand
Icoon met drie personen in een hand

Social safety

The Faculty of Social Sciences wants to create more awareness about the theme of social safety. By doing so, we want to make it easier for students and employees to report undesirable behaviour.
2023 until 2025
Project type
Organisational / HR

Programme plan Social Safety

In 2023, the Social Safety Project Team has composed a plan to offer everyone a pleasant study and working environment. Thanks to input from employees and students, this plan meets the needs of all target groups. 

'Oog voor elkaar'- Week (keep an eye on each other)

Do you sometimes dwell on what makes a pleasant work environment for you? Or for your colleagues? During the ‘Oog voor elkaar’- Week (4 - 8 March), we delve into themes about a safe and pleasant work environment. Get inspired by themed strolls, lectures and interactive sessions! 

Icoon met drie personen in een hand

How to deal with the grey area

What can you do about situations in which others make you feel less safe, without it being outright bullying, intimidation, aggression or discrimination? What does this grey area look like? How can you respond?

Icoon met drie personen in een hand

Psychological safety: 'Scratch my back... and I'll scratch yours'?

What does it take to develop a learning culture? Visit the interactive session by Jurgen Hell and Mara Bialas on March 7th! What is 'safe' interaction and how does this relate to group learning and team performance?

The advisor social safety

The advisor supports all supervisors and teams of our faculty with tailormade advise and execution. Diana focuses primarily on prevention. Care and case guidance are under the responsibility of HR, with Diana in an advisory role.

Social safety at Radboud University

Social safety is a requirement for well-being, good collaborations, quality of research & education, and (academic) integrity. Radboud University aims to create a socially safe working and studying environment for everyone. More information about social safety at the Radboud University.