Collegezaal in het Maria Montessorigebouw
Collegezaal in het Maria Montessorigebouw


People and society are central to the study programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences. All study programmes look at social issues from their own perspective.

Study programmes

Our study programmes encompass human behaviour, artificial intelligence, education and upbringing, communication, society and culture. As a student, you will not only be trained with the latest developments in the professional field, but you will also develop research skills that could be useful in your career.

Pre-University College (PUC)

Radboud Pre-University College of Society gives talented secondary school pupils the chance to excel and develop.

PUC of Society (in Dutch)

Education for professionals

RadboudCSW gives (international) professionals working in healthcare, education or socially engaged organisations the space to develop themselves. We do this by connecting practice and science. We offer 'blended' (BIG) professional programmes as well as continuing education.

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Contract students

Would you like to deepen or broaden your knowledge through one (or more) independent course(s)? As a contract student, you can follow courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences without being enrolled as an official student. 

Contract education