Contract education

Do you want to advance your knowledge in an academic field within the social sciences, but don't have time for a full course? Is it important for your work that you learn specific skills quickly? Then contract education at the Faculty of Social Sciences might be something for you.

Choose a course

The course guide of the Faculty of Social Sciences shows which courses are available for contract education:

A condition for participation is that there is sufficient space within the course, with Radboud University students having priority. As a contract student, you may take the course as well as the exam. Did you graduate at the Radboud University and do you want to use your voucher? Then there are more courses available for certain programmes. Are you an alumnus of Radboud University and specifically interested in a course that is not covered by the contract education? If so, please contact us using the contact details below.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements depend on the course content. In general, you have to demonstrate that you have higher education level competences. If you do not meet the education requirements but have sufficient relevant work experience, the contact person can enquire for you whether participation in a course is possible.

Registration and enrolment

If you want to register for a course as a contract student, you can do so using an application form. You must register at least two weeks before a course starts.


Register - PhD students

Please note

You can withdraw your registration up to two weeks before the start of the course. You can only withdraw your registration by emailing contractonderwijsFSW [at] (contractonderwijsFSW[at]ru[dot]nl). Cancelling participation in a course may incur costs. Late cancellation means you will owe the full course fee.


The cost of attending a course depends on the size and type of the course and your personal background. The regular price per EC (European Credit, 28 hours of study) for the 2023/2024 academic year is €100.00. This does not include the cost of literature, study materials and travel.

Radboud University alumni

As an alumnus, you can take 18 EC of free education after graduation. You then pay for the courses with a voucher. Did you not receive a voucher after your graduation? Then you can apply for one digitally. If you no longer have free vouchers, you will receive a discount as a Radboud University alumni. For you, the course price will then be €50.00 per EC.

Voucher application

Contact information

Want more information about contract education at the Faculty of Social Sciences? Get in touch with us!