Onderzoek met een Virtual Reality bril in het Maria Montessorigebouw
Onderzoek met een Virtual Reality bril in het Maria Montessorigebouw


Our researchers work on issues that affect social and human themes, examining the fundamental basis of human behaviour. Researchers also focus on the treatment of behavioural and psychological disorders or intervention programmes in the fields of health and education. Analyses of and solutions for social-cultural issues are important subjects too.

Research institutes

Our research is housed in three research institutes:

The Donders Centre for Cognition (DCC) is part of the Donders Institute. At the DCC, research is conducted in the fields of brain, cognition and behaviour.

The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) researches human behaviour from various disciplines, centring on research into development and learning, psychopathology, healthcare and well-being, social processes and communication.

The Radboud Social Cultural Research (RSCR) focuses on research questions about inequality, cohesion and modernisation in both Western and non-Western societies.

Neurologisch onderzoek in het Maria Montessorigebouw


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Ethics Committee

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Ethics Committee

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Research support

The Technical Support Group offers input for and designs the research facilities. In addition, TSG supports our labs daily (eye tracking, Virtual Reality, EEG etc.). 

The Research Technical Support Group provides practical support in the field of quantitative methods, techniques of research and statistics. 

A wide range of testing and treatment material for psychological and orthopedagogical research can be found in our Sociotheek.