Participational bodies

The participation of students and staff members improves the quality of administrative decisions, increases the support for these decisions, and fosters the involvement of staff members and students within the organisation.

Radboud University participational bodies

At Radboud University, student and staff member participation has been made possible through the establishment of a number of consultative bodies. Read on to find out more about these consultative bodies:

University Joint Assembly

During the University Joint Assembly (UGV), students and staff members discuss university-wide topics with the Executive Board. The UGV assembly’s agenda includes matters that relate to general and strategic policy. The UGV consists of:

  • Members from the Works Council (OR);
  • Members from the University Student Council (USR);
  • Four members from the Radboud university medical center board (Faculty of Medical Sciences Joint Assembly).

Dates public meeting UGV

During the public meeting of the UGV, the University Student Council, Works Council and delegates UMC Council are present. At the Consultation Meeting, the Executive Board is also present.

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Works Council & Representative Councils

The Works Council (OR) champions the interests of the university’s staff members. A significant portion of the OR’s preparatory work is carried out in different committees. Each of the university’s divisions (faculties, services and companies) also has its own Representative Council (OC).

Trade unions and Local Council

Trade unions represent the interests of employees during the Local Council. The Local Council discusses issues related to the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities. The representatives of the trade unions try to ensure that the terms of employment at Radboud University better reflect the wishes of the employee.

University and Faculty Student Councils

The  University Student Council (USR) champions the interests of the university students. A significant portion of the USR’s preparatory work is carried out in different committees of the joint assemblies, and is also carried out by specific task forces. The USR consists of elected and nominated members. In addition to the USR, there are also Faculty Student Councils (FSR).

Faculty Joint Assembly

Each faculty has a Faculty Joint Assembly (FGV), which is where the Faculty Student Council and the Representative Council confer with the Faculty Board. The FGV assembly’s agenda includes matters that relate to educational policy and the faculty’s facilities.

Programme Committees

Each degree programme has its own programme committee (OLC), which consists of students and lecturers. The OLC monitors the educational quality of the degree programme. The OLC’s agenda includes matters that relate to course evaluations and the Education and Examination Regulations (EER).

Staying informed

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Each year in June, students may vote for student members for the University Student Council, the Faculty Joint Assembly and the Programme Committees.

Staff members may vote every two years in June to elect members for the Works Council, Representative Councils and Faculty Representative Councils.

Participate in a participational body

Students and staff members may stand as a candidate for a position in a participational body. More information about candidacy can be found on the elections page.

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