samenwerking Radboud en Maastricht beeldmerk
samenwerking Radboud en Maastricht beeldmerk

Radboud University & Maastricht University

Radboud University and Maastricht University are to increase cooperation in education and research. Aim of the collaboration: to join forces to maximise the academic and social impact in the South-East region of the Netherlands.

Joint programmes in biotechnology and engineering physics are being developed, (partly) on the campus in Venlo. Both universities already have shared development programmes for healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the universities are also cooperating in the field of academic teacher training.

Impact in the region

Further collaboration will provide additional opportunities for students in the region (education), besides attracting and retaining knowledge through strong joint research ventures (research) and innovative spin-offs (impact). Venlo, with its central location, will form a hub for education, research and impact.

Working on this collaboration

Until 2027, the university administrations will provide an investment budget of 1 million (combined) per year. It may be invested in exploring or stimulating collaboration, e.g. as seed money, or spent on concrete projects.

Ambition document

The ambitions for 2023-2027 Radboud University and Maastricht University have worked out the ambitions for their collaboration. The ambition document 2023-2027 sets out the focus for the next few years and explains how the collaboration will be facilitated. What are the plans, in a nutshell?

Ambition document 2023-2027


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Groeiende boom

Collaboration Radboud & Maastricht: ambitions are taking shape

This spring saw the publication of the ambition document 2023 – 2027 regarding the collaboration between Maastricht and Radboud University. Deans Mariëlle Heijltjes (Maastricht) and Sijbrand de Jong (Nijmegen) discuss their experiences.

Samenwerkingsovereenkomst Radboud Universiteit en Maastricht

Collaboration agreement between Radboud University and Maastricht University

On 14 June 2022, Radboud University in Nijmegen and Maastricht University signed a collaboration agreement for both education and research.