The National Education Lab AI (NOLAI)

2022 until 2027
Project type

Radboud University and Maastricht University collaborate on the NOLAI growth fund project. Here, teachers, school leaders, school administrators, teacher trainers, people from the business community and academics work together to improve the quality of primary and secondary (special) education through AI (artificial intelligence). We do this partly by developing digital intelligent educational innovations and partly by understanding the pedagogical, societal and social consequences of these innovations.

In NOLAI, Radboud University works alongside schools, companies, universities of applied sciences and universities in a broad open consortium. Maastricht University is one of the nine strategic partners of NOLAI and is a member of the steering group. Inge Molenaar, Professor of Education and Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University, is the general and academic director of NOLAI. Carla Haelermans, Professor of Human Capital, Educational Technology and Inequality at Maastricht University, is affiliated to NOLAI as one of the initiators of the scientific focus area Pedagogical and didactic aspects of AI in education.