OnePlanet omslagbeeld
OnePlanet omslagbeeld

OnePlanet Research Center

Contributing to a society where everyone can live healthy lives and has access to healthy and sustainably produced food. With that aim, Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University, Radboudumc and nanotechnology company imec are working together in the innovation centre OnePlanet Research Center.

At OnePlanet we use the latest chip and digital technologies to create a society in which everyone can live a healthy life and has access to healthy and sustainable food. At OnePlanet Research Center, we initiate fundamental and applied research, groundbreaking innovations and smart product applications. This is only possible by using and bringing together great ideas, innovations and chip and digital technologies from different disciplines and work closely together with industry.


We are committed to inspiring partnerships where companies, schools, universities, researchers, social institutions and citizens work together. OnePlanet combines specialisms from the fields of agriculture, food and health and turn dreams into feasible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.

OnePlanet is supported bij the Province of Gelderland. 


Vijf jaar OnePlanet

Five years of OnePlanet: innovations from Gelderland with global impact

Five years ago, OnePlanet was launched, an innovation centre in which imec, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University and Radboudumc work together. Want to know more? Take a look at the executive report 2019-2024.

Richard van Wezel en student in lab

OnePlanet works on science solutions to stimulate business

A pill fitted with an ingestible sensor that can take measurements in the stomach and intestines or a new laser technique to measure the ripeness of fruit on the tree. These are just some examples of what OnePlanet Research Center is working on.


National Growth Fund: new grants for research with Radboud scientists

Ten projects from the first three rounds of the National Growth Fund will definitively be awarded a subsidy. Several projects also involve researchers from Radboud University.

Precision Health, Nutrition & Behaviour

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases is more effective, and infinitely cheaper, than treating people after they become seriously ill. OnePlanet Research Center provides companies with the insight and technology needed to develop smart, digital applications that empower individuals to improve their diet and lifestyle. More information on the OnePlanet website

Vrouw met smartphone via Pexels

ICAI Lab – AI for Risk Profiling and Decision Support (AI-RONDO)

In the ICAI lab AI for Risk Profiling and Decision Support (AI-RONDO) researchers use artificial intelligence to enable early detection and personalized feedback.

Brain or walnut Priyanka Singh via Unsplash

Maintaining Optimal Cognitive function In Ageing (MOCIA)

The MOCIA research programme aims at being able to signal an increased risk of cognitive decline and to improve prevention by developing a personalised lifestyle intervention.

person holding phone while exercising via pxhere

ICAI LAB – AI for Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior

To improve lifestyle recommendations, we need to learn what works especially for one person and what does not. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help us do this.

Phone with smart technology icons

Smart Technology User Friendly Feedback For Life (STUFF-4-Life)

This project investigates how digital health applications can be made suitable for people with low social economic status.

Twee sportieve oudere vrouwen die hardlopen

Prevention and Health

​​​​​​​The Prevention and Health project of Radboud University and Radboudumc aims to find out how health differences between citizens can be reduced.

drie lege wc rollen


This project aims to detect and predict flare-ups and help patients monitor Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or inflammatory bowel disease at home using smart technologies.

Urinary biomarker research for preventive health

At OnePlanet we work on a smart toilet that we would like to use to detect diseases at an early stage to prevent them instead of curing them. Within this project, we investigate which biomarkers in urine we should measure for this purpose.

Precision Agriculture, Food & Environment

Ensuring global food security requires smart, climate-proof agriculture and food processing. OnePlanet Research Center provides companies across the agrifood chain with solutions that enable the production of food in a precise, controlled and sustainable manner.  More information on the OnePlanet website

Rosa Boone, Foto door Femke Reijerman

Towards smart soil-sensing: developing a proxy for soil health

Rosa Boone is studying how the restoration of soil diversity contributes to the condition of soil. To do this, she's developing a new measuring method that farmers can use to track the health of the soil beneath their feet.


At the crossroads of agriculture, food, health and high-tech OnePlanet develops game changing innovations that contribute in solving the major societal challenges in the areas of climate, sustainability and preventive health. More information on the OnePlanet website. 


Would you like to know more about OnePlanet and Radboud University? Then please contact Richard van Wezel (Director of Health) or Neha Awasthi (Project Leader).