Academic teacher training programme

2021 until 2027
Project type

From the very outset of the intensified cooperation between Radboud University and Maastricht University, collaboration in the field of academic teacher training was identified as one of the main strategic themes for this cooperation. With the Radboud Teachers Academy, Radboud University is a key player in the field of teacher training. Through the unique school network of the Educational Agenda for Limburg, Maastricht is in a strong position to contribute to the cooperation and to student recruitment. It is important for both universities to be able to make a contribution to the shortage of teachers, especially in the south-east of the Netherlands. Training academic teachers has a social impact and is increasingly seen as a form of valorisation.

In 2021, the cooperation kicked off with the first pilot projects (as part of the administrative agreement on increasing the flexibility of teacher training study programmes), which focus on recruiting mid-career professionals from other industries who are wanting to become teachers and training first-degree teachers partly in Maastricht. Enrolment numbers are still modest, but there is significant potential in continuing and expanding the collaboration. In July 2023, a project proposal was approved in which efforts will first be made to review the opportunities for admission to the academic teacher training programme from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered by Maastricht University. A targeted recruitment campaign will then be launched for the most promising routes in order to further increase the intake of students from Maastricht University. At the same time, ideas will be explored on how to further intensify the cooperation and ensure its future viability.