Development programmes for healthcare professionals

2021 until 2027
Project type
Organisational / HR

At the beginning of the cooperation between Radboud University and Maastricht University, it was agreed to explore the possibility of developing a joint development trajectory for healthcare professionals. UMIO and the Radboud Management Academy (RMA) looked into this issue. The existing cooperation between the two UMCs provides a good basis for further cooperation in this area. UMIO and RMA also have complementary strengths, which opens up opportunities to learn from each other (RMA has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of social and organisational business administration; UMIO in the field of leadership, change management and innovation).

Building on this, UMIO and RMA have developed a joint leadership development programme, ‘Working together towards a future-proof healthcare organisation’, tailor-made for managers at MUMC+ and Radboud university medical center. The first edition of the programme was well received by both clients and participants. The working relationship between UMIO and RMA has also been very smooth and positive.
Furthermore, there are opportunities to expand the joint provision of programmes in the future and to offer this programme at other locations in the region.


  • Leadership development programme ‘Working together towards a future-proof healthcare organisation’


  • Radboud University: Radboud Management Academy
  • Maastricht University: UMIO
  • Radboud university medical center
  • Maastricht UMC+