University of Glasgow & Radboud University

Radboud University and the University of Glasgow are 'priority partners'. We collaborate in education, with joint master's programmes (dual degrees). There is also the Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund

The University of Glasgow and Radboud University have a joint fund: the Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund. Within this fund, funding is available for three types of projects: Research, Learning & Teaching and Short-term staff mobility.

For more information and applications, see International Collaboration Funds: Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund

Education: dual degree

Radboud University and the University of Glasgow are 'priority partners' and have a selection of interdisciplinary two-year dual degrees that they offer together. Both universities are also part of consortia offering multiple degree programmes together. Worldwide master's-level students can apply.

Intelligent Technology & Digital Society

Comparative Politics & Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasian Studies

Political Communications & Comparative Politics

Global Economy & Global Political Economy 

Economic Development & Anthropology and Development Studies 

International Business in the developing world

Education in Museums and Heritage

  • Dual degree programme in collaboration with universities of Tartu, Malta and University College Cork
  • First semester: overview of Museum Education (University of Glasgow) + Second semester: Intangible Cultural Heritage (University of Tartu) or Digital Cultures and Humanities (University College Cork)
    Third semester: Arts and Culture (Radboud University) or Museum and Heritage Education (University of Malta)
  • See Education in Museums and Heritage 

International Law and Global Security, Peace and Development