Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the supervisory body of Radboud University. The Board supervises and advises the Executive Board. This has been prescribed by law.

The Executive Board keeps the Supervisory Board informed of the most important developments at Radboud University. The Executive Board requires approval from the Supervisory Board for such matters as the strategic plan, the budget, the annual report, and the annual accounts. 

Supervisory Board Members

The Board consists of five members, who are each appointed for a period of four years:

Mr. D.H.M. Gebbink, secretary a.i.

Supervisory Board Committees

The Supervisory Board has several committees, among which the members are divided. 

Committee for Education and Research 

Members: Valerie Frissen, Vanessa Evers

Audit Committee 

Members: Mario van Vliet, Henk Naves

Remuneration Committee 

Members:  Mario van Vliet, Vanessa Evers

Supervisory Board Meetings

  • The Supervisory Board meets with the Executive Board six times a year to discuss internal issues and external developments.
  • The Supervisory Board meets twice a year with the Radboud university medical center Supervisory Board. Members of Radboud University’s Executive Board and Radboud university medical center’s Board of Directors are also present at this meeting.

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