Valerie Frissen

Prof. V.A.J. Frissen (Valerie)
Supervisory Board Member

Supervisory Board Committees 

  • Committee for Education & Research Quality


  • Director of the SIDN Fund (salaried) 

Additional positions

  • Member of the Radboudumc Supervisory Board (salaried)
  • Professor by Special Appointment of Digital Technologies & Social Change, Leiden University
  • Member of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Supervisory Board (salaried)
  • Member of the Kennisland Foundation Supervisory Board (unsalaried)
  • Member of the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC) Board (unsalaried)
  • Member of the Institute for Information Law Scientific Advisory Council, University of Amsterdam (unsalaried)
  • Member of the Dutch Creative Council (unsalaried)
  • Chair of the Advisory Board for the Eindhoven Creative Industries pilot scheme (unsalaried)
  • Member of the NL Digital Supervisory Board and Digital Ethics Board (unsalaried)
  • Member of LEAD, National Police Unit Advisory Council (unsalaried)

Term of office 

Ends on 16 October 2024


Portrait Valerie Frissen
Portrait Valerie Frissen