Privacy statement photography and video


Radboud University uses the following principles for photography and video:

  • The campus of Radboud University is generally seen as a public space. Filming and photographing on campus and publishing the pictorial material for news items (websites, social media and print) therefore generally fall under the "freedom of news gathering" and are permitted.
  • For study-related meetings / activities, such as lectures, practicals and studying at study workplaces, the photographer always asks for at least verbal permission from those who will be recognizable in the photograph.
  • Radboud University ensures that people who appear visibly shall be portrayed in a correct / decent way.

Objections to recordings and/or publications

  • Immediately: if a photographer is working on the campus of Radboud University, objection can always be made against taking photographs. If the photographer works for Radboud University, the objections are taken into account and the person is no longer recognizable.
  • Afterwards: objections can always be made to the inclusion or publication of an image via communicatie [at] (communicatie[at]ru[dot]nl). If there is a justified objection to a recording or the use of certain visual material Radboud University tries to adjust and / or remove the recordings and publications wherever possible.

Written permission

According to the GPDR, if the image is regarded as personal data, provable permission is required from the person (s) portrayed. This can conflict with "freedom of news gathering". Radboud University wants to act with care as much as possible. Radboud University provides written permission from all portrayed persons during the production of visual material in the following situations:

  • For staged photos that will be used for the promotion of (parts of) Radboud University (websites, social media and print).
  • For non-staged photos with a limited number of people on it, which determine the image and which will be used for the promotion of (parts of) Radboud University (websites, social media and print).