Social safety at Radboud University

Radboud University believes it is important that both students and staff members feel safe while they are studying or working. This means, for example, that people should not bully, harass, or intimidate each other or discriminate against each other. Such behaviour also includes aggressive or sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Regulations on undesirable behaviour

In an effort to combat and deter undesirable behaviour, the university has drawn up a set of regulations on undesirable behaviour. These regulations contain information about how to lodge a complaint and about how such complaints are handled.

Confidential advisors

Students or employees who do not feel safe in their study or work, who are confronted with a conflict or suffer from undesirable behaviour, or who have concerns about scientific integrity, can turn to a confidential advisor

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Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity refers to general professional scientific principles. Falsification or manipulation of research data, or machinations in the representation of data, are infringements of scientific integrity in any case. Deception and unlawful exercise of intellectual property rights are also breaches of scientific integrity.

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