Educational inspections

The education at the Radboud University is characterised by its high quality and is closely linked to the research that is carried out at the university. In order to maintain the high quality of our study programmes, we work continuously to strengthen the quality culture at Radboud University. A healthy quality culture generates a climate in which it is only natural that lecturers, students and management work together to renew and improve education.

Accreditation by NVAO

One aspect of this quality culture is that all of the study programmes at Radboud University are assessed once every six years by external assessment committees. These educational inspections are carried out in accordance with the assessment framework that has been drawn up by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The reports and subsequent decisions that have been made by the NVAO can be found on their website.

Development meetings

One part of the educational inspection is the development meeting between the assessment committee and staff from the study programme. During this meeting, possible improvements are discussed from a development perspective. The results of this discussion are documented, but they do not form part of the assessment report. The institution is legally required to make the report of the development meeting publicly available within one year after the accreditation report has been issued.

List of development meeting reports

Only available in Dutch

Datum vaststelling accreditatierapport Opleiding Verslag
20 april 2021 M Leraar Voorbereidend Hoger Onderwijs in de Bètawetenschappen
M Leraar Voorbereidend Hoger Onderwijs in de Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen
M Leraar Voorbereidend Hoger Onderwijs in de Taal en Cultuurwetenschappen
Ontwikkelgesprek Radboud Docenten Academie (pdf, 68 kB)
15 februari 2021 M Onderneming en Recht (research) Ontwikkelgesprek Onderzoeksmaster Onderneming & Recht
19 mei 2020 B Artificial Intelligence
M Artificial Intelligence
Development dialogue Artificial Intelligence (pdf, 87 kB)
21 april 2020 M Cognitive Neuroscience (research) Development dialogue research masters Cognitive Neurosciences (pdf, 264 kB)
30 maart 2020 B Computing Science
M Computing Science
Ontwikkelgesprek Computing Science (pdf, 154 kB)
7 maart 2019 B Culturele Antropologie en Ontwik. Soc.
M Anthropology and Development Studies
Ontwikkelgesprek CAOS (pdf, 1,4 MB)
10 oktober 2019 B Geografie, Planologie en Milieu
M Human Geography
M Spatial Planning
Ontwikkelgesprek Bachelor GPM (pdf, 153 kB)
28 september 2019 B Geschiedenis
M Geschiedenis
Ontwikkelgesprek Geschiedenis (pdf, 133 kB)
27 september 2019 B Wiskunde
M Mathematics
Ontwikkelgesprek Wiskunde (pdf, 79 kB)
12 april 2019 B Sociologie
M Sociologie
Ontwikkelgesprek Sociologie (pdf, 3,8 MB)
2 april 2019 B Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen
M Communicatie- & Informatiewetenschappen
Ontwikkelgesprek CIW (pdf, 122 kB)
13 maart 2019 B Chemistry
B Molecular Life Sciences
B Science
M Chemistry
M Molecular Life Sciences
M Science
Ontwikkelgesprek Moleculaire Wetenschappen (pdf, 70 kB)
15 november 2018 B Tandheelkunde
M Tandheelkunde
Ontwikkelgesprek Tandheelkunde (pdf, 166 kB)
25 april 2018 B Psychologie
M Psychologie
Ontwikkelgesprek Psychologie (pdf, 117 kB)
11 april 2018 M Information Sciences Ontwikkelgesprek Information Sciences (pdf, 609 kB)
16 maart 2018 B Bestuurskunde
M Bestuurskunde
Ontwikkelgesprek Bestuurskunde (pdf, 103 kB)
29 november 2017 B Wijsbegeerte
M Filosofie
Ontwikkelgesprek Filosofie (pdf, 277 kB)