Educational vision Radboud University

Quality, bonding and personal contact are central to our educational vision. This has positive effects on our students' development opportunities and well-being. Our students learn from each other and also take responsibility for their fellow students' learning.

Institutional plan

Radboud University is a broad, internationally oriented and student-centred research university with 37 undergraduate and 76 graduate programmes covering the entire spectrum of alpha, beta, gamma and medical. Radboud University's approximately 20,000 students are educated academically in an international context and encouraged to seek the unknown curiously and independently. This is laid down in the strategic plan 'Radboud University op weg naar 2020' (in Dutch).

De Radboud Universiteit op weg naar 2020

Instellingsplan 2015-2020

Quality, bonding and clarity

Radboud University's educational vision is further developed in the 2013 Quality, Bonding and Clarity memorandum. Quality, bonding and clarity are the core values of education at Radboud University. In this context, quality is expressed, among other things, in coherent curricula, an international learning experience and good preparation for the labour market. Binding and clarity refer mainly to the way students and lecturers interact within Radboud University.

Interweaving of Education and Research

A key pillar of the educational vision is the Interweaving of Education and Research, a 2011 memorandum. The basic idea of this memorandum is that students come into contact with research at all stages of the curriculum. In doing so, every student should have gone through the entire research process from hypothesis to report at least once after completing the master's degree. "Verwevenheid van Onderwijs en Onderzoek" is only available in Dutch.