Language policy

Our language policy aims to make Radboud University an internationally oriented, intercultural, and multilingual knowledge institute. The policy offers employees, students, and study programmes tools and guidelines to achieve this.

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Language proficiency

Radboud University strives to be an open and inclusive community, where everyone working or studying at our university feels at home and safe. Language skills play an important role in this. Both students and staff should become aware of intercultural differences and be able to adjust their communication accordingly.

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Multi-annual workplan Language Policy Radboud University 2018-2025

This memorandum details the ambitions regarding language policy as they are formulated in the new internationalisation strategy Radboud International 2025 and its associated multi-annual workplan.


Language requirements

To meet the admission requirements for study programmes at Radboud University (both in English and in Dutch), sufficient command of the instruction language is required and to be demonstrated. In 2020 a central framework was adopted for Dutch and English language proficiency requirements for students with a non-Dutch school diploma. 

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Mandatory language assessment for students RADAr

The RADAr is a mandatory diagnostic assessment for academic language proficiency. All first-year students at Radboud University must complete the RADAr in the language of their bachelor’s programme.

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Foreign language Code of Conduct

A study programme can decide to provide their education, exams, and assessment in a language other than Dutch. Guidelines for this are defined in the Foreign language Code of Conduct.

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Language policy discount scheme

Employees of Radboud University and the Radboudumc can take English and Dutch courses at Radboud in'to Languages free of charge thanks to the language policy discount scheme.


Guidelines for inclusive language

Radboud University strives to be a safe, inclusive academic community that embraces and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. Language is key to inclusion.

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Language conventions

Language conventions are guidelines with regard to the desired language behaviour on campus. These guidelines should ensure that language does not become obstructive and apply to the entire university, including teaching, research, and support services.

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