Foreign language Code of Conduct

Within Radboud University, the foreign language Code of Conduct below applies. This Code of Conduct is based on article 7.2 sub c of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (WHW) (available only in Dutch).

Article 1

Within Radboud University Nijmegen, it is allowed to provide education and conduct assessments in a language other than Dutch if the specific nature, the design or quality of the education or students’ background so requires.

Article 2

The decision to use a foreign language shall be taken by the dean of the relevant faculty, after having sought advice from the programme committee. In doing so, the dean will consider the following principles:

a) the necessity of using a language other than Dutch must be established;

b) exams and assessments of English-speaking programmes are conducted in English; exams of courses taught in English are conducted in English, unless otherwise decided by the Examining Board;

c) foreign-language education meets the same quality requirements as education provided in Dutch.

Article 3

The decision made by the dean is processed in the Education and Examination Regulations of the programme.

Article 4

The dean of the faculty shall report the decisions taken by them to the Executive Board every year.