Quality Assurance in Education

Education at Radboud University is characterised by its high quality and its closeness to the research that's being carried out. To maintain the high quality of our programmes, Radboud University works continuously to strengthen its culture of quality. A healthy culture of quality generates a climate in which it is natural for lecturers, students and management to work together to improve and renew education.  

Manual quality assurance

A manual has been drawn up as a guide for everyone involved in quality assurance. This manual serves as a 'guidebook' for ongoing quality assurance and contains all kinds of tips and useful formats. 

Participational bodies 

At every level in the organisation, students and staff think about policy and give advice to improve the quality of education. At university level, employee participation consists of the University Joint Assembly (UJA), at faculty level of the Faculty Joint Assembly (FJA) and, per programme, of the study programme committees. 

More information on participational bodies

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