Professorial plan

Faculties use their professorial plans to indicate the direction they want to take with their research and education. These plans connect the current and planned decisions with regard to education (Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes) and research (profiles) on the one hand, and the required or desired teaching and research remits on the other hand. The professorial plan provides the framework for professorial nominations and appointments. While not a policy plan, the faculty’s professorial plan is consistent with the faculty’s policy.

The faculty’s professorial plan is drawn up every four years by the dean and approved by the Executive Board. The plan serves as the foundation for decisions made by the Executive Board and the dean regarding individual appointments. Interim changes are included annually in the

budget and are discussed during budget meetings. The professorial plan must contain the following:

  • An overview of the study programmes and the research programme, and the connection with professorial positions and teaching and research remits. Professorial positions must cover the broad research programme or research field and have clear connections with the study programme. Nuances are possible (e.g. a stronger focus on research, on education and/or application).
  • The way professorial plans complement and strengthen one another.
  • The way professorial positions influence faculty organisation. The applicable organising principle or structure (departments, sections, rotation of board positions).
  • The goals the faculty wants to achieve during the four-year duration of the plan. This includes aspects such as male-female ratio, young talent and advancement, the balance of professors, associate professors and assistant professors, female professor target numbers, the ratio of students and professors, PhD candidates and professors, and level 2 and 1 professors.

Teaching and research remits in addition to the professorial plan

New teaching and research remits are subject to the approval of the Executive Board. If this cannot be addressed during the professorial plan meeting, it will be discussed during the annual budget meeting or the dean will submit a written request to adjust the faculty’s professorial plan. Before a teaching and research remit can be evaluated or established, the Executive Board must approve the continuation of the remit.

In such cases, the dean will submit a motivated request to the Executive Board that includes the following:

  • the type of teaching and research remit (standard or special)
  • the number of FTEs from direct funding or funded otherwise
  • the nature of the structural supply to research and education institutes
  • the start date
  • the applicable evaluation periods and criteria
  • the implications for the overall framework (will other remits be terminated with the establishment of this new remit?) The Executive Board will review the proposal and report its findings to the dean, who can then decide to initiate the appointment procedure.