Research Data Management Policy

Good research data management is important for, among other things, the quality and integrity of research. It also contributes to the possibilities of reusing research data, and to the protection of privacy-sensitive information.

Radboud University's general research data management policy is laid down in the Radboud University Guidelines for Research Data Management. Some important requirements of these guidelines are:

  • During the research, research data are stored in a suitable facility.
  • Research data should be archived as open as possible, as closed as necessary.
  • Research data that pertain to scientific publications should meet both the findability and accessibility requirements.
  • The minimum retention period for research data that is required for checking or verifying scientific publications is ten years.

In addition to this general policy, each research institute has its own research data management policy. The research institute’s policy is a further elaboration of the general policy, which is consistent with the research areas in which the research institute is involved.

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Control of research data

In addition to the research data management policy, there are guidelines regarding the control of research data.