Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity is essential to the proper functioning of science. Guiding principles for scientific research with integrity are honesty, diligence, transparency, independence and accountability. Failure to follow these principles threatens both the quality and reliability of science.

Radboud University follows the Dutch Code of Conduct on Scientific Integrity (2018). This code of conduct explains the above principles and describes standards for good scientific research.

Confidential advisors for scientific integrity

If you wish to lodge a complaint about scientific integrity, or you wish to initiate a discussion about the issue in question, please contact one of the confidential advisors for scientific integrity.

The confidential advisors serve as a contact point for anyone who wishes to lodge a complaint about scientific integrity. If you do decide to lodge a complaint, it will be forwarded to the Executive Board. The board will then pass your complaint on to the Scientific Integrity Committee.

    Contact information Confidential Advisor

    Your complaint will be handled by Prof. Didi Braat and Prof. Rob Holland, Confidential Advisor.

    Scientific Integrity Committee

    In accordance with Article 4.1 of the Radboud University Scientific Integrity Regulations, the Executive Board has set up the Scientific Integrity Committee, which consists of the following members:

    • Prof. mr. S.C.J. Kortmann, Chairman
    • Mr A. Hammerstein, (deputy) chairman
    • Dr M.J. Becker
    • Prof. Dr. R. Loll
    • Prof. Dr. M.M. Rovers
    • Prof. Dr. M.H. Leyenaar
    • Prof. Dr P.G.M. van der Heijden
    • Prof. Dr. C.J.M. Klijn
    • Prof. Dr. W.J.H. Furnée
    • Secretary to the Committee is Mr. M. Steenbergen, Legal Affairs.

    The committee investigates complaints and consequently advises the Executive Board. If the complaint relates to research that has been carried out within the scope of Radboud university medical center, the committee will advise the Executive Board and the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences/Radboud university medical center.

    Scientific Integrity Regulations

    The Scientific Integrity Regulations set out how scientific misconduct complaints are handled.

    Filing a complaint

    Complaints about suspected breaches of scientific integrity can be sent to the address below. A complaint can also be submitted to the Executive Board through the Confidential Advisors for Scientific Integrity. The Board will then forward the complaint to the Scientific Integrity Committee.

    Radboud University Executive Board

    For the attention of D. Gebbink 
    Postbus 9102
    6500 HC NIJMEGEN