Social Safety at Radboud University

Social safety consists of a safe environment in which cooperation, equality, openness and consideration for each other are important. Together, we create a socially safe environment. Students and staff can be themselves and treat each other respectfully regardless of origin, belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability, role or position.

Radboud University sees social safety as a central condition for well-being, good collaboration, quality of research & teaching and (scientific) integrity.


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Social Safety Action Plan ‘Prevent - Care - Cure’

With this ‘Prevent - Care - Cure’ action plan for social safety, Radboud University is taking a new direction, with one clear goal in mind: that Radboud University becomes a safe environment for everyone.

Do you experience undesirable behaviour?

Undesirable behaviour consists of behaviour that hinders you in your work or studies. Examples include constantly interrupting and implicit social exclusion such as not greeting. What is undesirable is primarily up to you. What is undesirable for one person may not be for another. The offender may not be aware of the effect of the behaviour. This is why giving constructive feedback is important. 

When behaviour crosses the boundary of human dignity, it is considered transgressive behaviour. Radboud University takes action against transgressive behaviour such as bullying, gossiping, discrimination, (sexual) intimidation, and abuse of power or dependence. We therefore ask you to report it.

Twee medewerkers overleggen met hun laptop en papier

Address it

If you suffer from social unsafety and suspect unethical behaviour, do not keep it to yourself, but make it discussable, also if you are a bystander. Address the troublemaker about the behaviour and offer feedback. If that is difficult or even impossible, get help.

We are here for you

There are various professionals, such as the HR officer, study advisor, supervisor, confidential advisor, psychologist and ombuds officer, to whom you can turn in an accessible and confidential way. They offer advice and support and look together with you at how to stop the undesirable behaviour.

Support for students

Support for staff

Training courses on social safety

Radboud University wants everyone to be able to rely on a safe base for work or study and, if necessary, to feel safe to have difficult or critical conversations. This is why the university has a wide range of e-learnings, workshops and training courses to help you recognise socially unsafe situations, name undesirable behaviour or actively listen. Check out the training offer for employees in gROW. 

Training offer for staff in gROW

Training offer for supervisors in gROW

Codes of conduct and regulations on conduct & integrity

Radboud University pursues a climate of academic freedom, in which open discussion, freedom of mind, thought and speech are paramount. However, there are frameworks for integrity and professional conduct in the form of (behavioural) codes and regulations, with the regulations being legally binding.

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