Codes of conduct and regulations on conduct & integrity

Radboud University pursues a climate of academic freedom in which open discussion and freedom of mind, thought and speech are paramount. However, there are frameworks for integrity and professional conduct in the form of legally binding regulations and (behavioural) codes that describe common norms and values.

Codes (of conduct)

Code of good governance

De Radboud Universiteit onderschrijft de door de Universiteiten van Nederland vastgestelde gedragscode Goed Bestuur. Lees hier de gedragscode Goed Bestuur en vind hier ook de klokkenluidersregeling, jaarverslagen en bestuursregelementen.

Radboud University Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a framework for ethical conduct, which refers to different regulations. These regulations contain in-depth rules about specific situations and/or concrete explanations of behaviour.

Research integrity

Research integrity pertains to general professional research principles. This page provides information on how to lodge a complaint about scientific and research integrity, or how to initiate a discussion about the issue in question.

Code of Conduct International Student Higher Education

The Code of Conduct contains agreements which (the umbrella organizations of) the institutions of higher education have developed to regulate the relationship with international students.

Responsible animal research

At Radboud University and Radboudumc, responsible animal research is carried out under strict conditions. On this page you can read more about responsible animal research.

Regulations on conduct and integrity

For students, there is the Student Charter. Staff can see what applies to them in the overview below.

Regulations on alcohol and drug use Radboud University

Alcohol consumption on campus is not prohibited, but limited to socially acceptable gatherings, such as socials, special lunches, dinners and celebrations.

Regulations on employee disputes

If you do not agree with a decision of the dean or director, please refer to the Regulation employee disputes for the procedure and what your petition should look like.

General Rules for the Protection and Exploitation of Knowledge

It is important that the knowledge that results from scientific research is properly preserved. The General Rules for the Protection and Exploitation of Knowledge have been drawn up for this purpose.

Regulations on Undesirable Behaviour

Undesirable behaviour is behaviour that causes you trouble at work. The Regulations on Undesirable Behaviour provides a complete description of the procedure for submitting a complaint.

Whistle-blower's regulation

The whistle-blowing procedure helps employees to report a suspicion of wrongdoing without getting into trouble.

Policy framework for secondary activities

Secondary activities are activities that are carried out in addition to an employee’s normal work. Such activities are encouraged by Radboud University.

Radboud University Ombudsperson Regulations

In the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities it has been agreed to establish an ombud role at all universities. The aim is to contribute to the improvement of a healthy and safe environment and the university's learning capacity.

Regulations for personal relationships in the workplace

For Radboud University, attention to others, honesty, respect and integrity are the foundations of a socially safe environment and solid professional relationships.

Academic Integrity Regulations

The Academic Integrity Regulations determine how complaints of scientific misconduct are handled.

Reporting code for domestic violence

This reporting code aims to support and guide professionals and the Radboud University's attention officers in the steps to be taken when signals of domestic violence arise.

Radboud University Regulations on media and social media

Radboud University supports open dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge. This is why Radboud University encourages its employees to be active in the media and on social media, both for work and leisure.