Practical information

On Thursday 11 May, the party starts at Radboud Festival. The programme starts at 15.00 o'clock and ends at 23.00 o'clock. Admission is free! Prepare well with the latest information about the programme and festival location.

The programme

Radboud Festival's line-up includes live artists, DJs, inspiring speakers, workshops and much more. Check at what time your favourite artist or speaker is performing:

Timetable Radboud Festival

The festival map

Radboud Festival takes place on the Radboud University campus. Next to the Berchmanianum building (Houtlaan 4) you will find the Christine Mohrmann Mainstage. The Pieter Bondam Plein next to the Cultuurcafé is transformed into the Titus Stage, and in the Collegezalencomplex you will find several speakers. Wondering where to find the different stages, bars, food trucks, or toilets? Check the festival map:

Plattegrond Radboud Festival


Bicycles and cars can be parked in the regular bicycle sheds and car parks on campus. We will place an extra bicycle parking area next to the Berchmanianum building (Houtlaan 4). Make sure you don't forget to take your bike with you after the festival because this extra bike parking will be cleared on Friday.

Do you use the bicycle parking in one of the buildings? These will close at their usual time.

More information

Please note that the Berchmanianum car park will not be accessible between 8 and 13 May because of the Festival.

Food and drink

Radboud Festival is pin only. That means you cannot pay with cash at the bars, food trucks, and merchandise stand.

At Radboud Festival, we think about the environment. That's why we charge 25 eurocents for every new cup. Do you reuse your cup? Then you don't have to pay again.

Alcohol will be served from 15:30 o'clock and of course only to people over 18.

It is forbidden to bring your own drinks or glassware onto the festival grounds.

And futhermore...

  • All buildings will close at their usual times
  • The toilet for the disabled can be found in Berchmanianum
  • Do you see any disturbances? Please report it to security or to the first aid post (at the Berchmanianum reception desk).


Will you be celebrating Radboud University's 100th anniversary at Radboud Festival on 11 May?

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