Location overview lactation rooms

Lactation room Grotius Building (00.104)

Lactation room Berchmanianum (03.234)

Lactation room Trigon (02.226)

Lactation room Trigon (02.227)

Lactation room Elinor Ostrom Building (02.322)

Lactation room Huygens Building (3.032)

Lactation room Maria Montessori Building (02.021)

Lactation room Erasmus building (02.01A)

More information on lactation rooms and reservation

There are several lactation rooms on campus. Each lactation room is outfitted with a chair and a refrigerator. Some lactation rooms can be used without reservation, for other rooms advance reservation via the self service in FACE is required. 

Some rooms require a key to use them. You can request this key via the e-mail address listed for the room. Rooms that don't require a key can be locked from the inside with a twist lock.

  • Erasmus Building, second floor, room 02.01A: no key, reservation required
  • Grotiusgebouw, ground floor, room 00.104 : henry.spaan [at] ru.nl (henry[dot]spaan[at]ru[dot]nl) 
  • Trigon, second floor, kamer 02.227: admin [at] donders.ru.nl (admin[at]donders[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Trigon, second floor, kamer 02.226: admin [at] donders.ru.nl (admin[at]donders[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Elinor Ostromgebouw, second floor, room 02.322: no key, reservation required
  • Huygensgebouw, third floor, room 03.032: no key, reservation required
  • Berchmanianum, third floor, room 03.234: no key, reservation required
  • Maria Montessorigebouw, second floor, room 02.021: no key, reservation required

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