AI-student reaches final of popular TV baking competition

Zeinab Alhashime
How did I manage to combine my participation in Heel Holland Bakt with my studies? Well actually not
Zeinab Alhashime

Artificial Intelligence student Zeinab Alhashime was in the finals of the Dutch TV program 'Heel Holland Bakt'. We asked her how she managed to combine her participation with her studies.

“I have been baking regularly since 2016, my first big cake was for my boyfriend's brother; a large Willem II shirt cake. After this I started baking more and more and since then people have always encouraged me to participate in the Heel Holland Bakt program. After a long application procedure, I was finally allowed to participate this year. Awesome!

How have I been able to combine my participation with my studies? Well actually not, haha! When I applied, I was in the final phase of my Bachelor's AI. At the start of the recordings, I was also going to start the Master Global Supply Chain Management & Change, but when the first week in the tent went so well, I decided together with the study advisor to join a period later. After all, you don't get an opportunity like this every day!

In the near future, I will definitely keep baking! In addition, I would like to expand my social media platforms, write a baking book and maybe I will work study related, to see how it goes and to save for our upcoming wedding!”

Watch the final episode of Heel Holland Bakt (in Dutch)