Join the Radboud Alumni Panel

Do you have an opinion about something? Radboud University is continuously looking for alumni to give their opinions via the Alumni Panel. This can vary from filling in a survey or testing a new service; all kinds of topics may be discussed.

How does the Alumni Panel work?

Subscribe to the Alumni Panel and receive an email requesting your opinion, at most once a month. The request can vary from one or more surveys, pilots, focus groups, pilot sessions, etc. You decide what, when and how often you would like to participate.

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To thank you for your help, you will receive compensation for each request you participate in. The compensation is indicated per request.


We would like to let you know the results of the request and what has been done with your opinion. For each request, we indicate how we will report back to you.


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The Radboud Alumni Panel is a collaboration between Marketing & Communications and the faculties. For questions, e-mail us: