Adriaan Duiveman, Eleá de la Porte en Eelco Runia - Foto Pepijn van Manen
Adriaan Duiveman, Eleá de la Porte en Eelco Runia - Foto Pepijn van Manen

About Radboud Reflects

Discover a wealth of knowledge at Radboud Reflects lectures. Our sessions feature experts providing the latest insights on topics like politics, sustainability, AI, psychology, and recent films. These scientists go beyond surface-level information, delving into critical questions of our time. Join us for a factual and informative exploration of current affairs.

Unique identity 

Radboud Reflects was established to embody the unique identity of Radboud University in a modern, contemporary way. Evereyone is welcome to attend Radboud Reflect’s lectures, with free access for students. 

Each year, over 10,000 people find their way to Radboud Reflect’s lectures and debates. A frequently heard reaction is, “I hadn’t considered this perspective before; I gained food for thought.” This is precisely the purpose of Radboud Reflects. 


Radboud Reflects’ lectures provide in-depth intellectual insight into contemporary social and scientific issues. Through lectures and debates, both Dutch and international scientists share their perspective on philosophical, ethical, and societal themes relevant to both science and society. 

The primary goal of Radboud Reflects is to offer its audience innovative ideas and a renewed outlook on developments in philosophy, religion, and art. 


In 2001 the Soeterbeeck Programme was founded as a merger of the Catholic Study Centre and the Thomas More Academy. The name paid homage to the Soeterbeeck Study Centre in Ravenstein, a former Augustinian monastery acquired by Radboud University to establish a place for in-depth scholarly activities. 

In 2015, the Soeterbeeck Programme joined forces with the Centre for Ethics, adopting the name ‘Radboud Reflects’, a title retained to this day. Presently, most of Radboud Reflect’s activities take place on the Radboud University campus and in the city centre of Nijmegen.  

As an integral part of the  Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Radboud Reflects’ staff is situated on the fifteenth floor of the Erasmus Building on the Nijmegen campus. 


Radboud university scientists actively participate in nearly all programs, thus contributing to the dissemination of Nijmegen University’s research to a broad audience. Renowned international thinkers frequently join as guest speakers. Additionally, Radboud Reflects collaborates with the media, attracting regular attention and interest in the topics being discussed.  


Opening hours secretariat

On Wednesday 26 June and Thursday 27 June 2024 we are out of office. 

From Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00, we try to answer you by e-mail as quickly as possible.

If you want to contact us by phone for questions about registrations or other general questions, you can do so from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 and 12:00.


Erasmusbuilding Radboud University 
Erasmusplein 1, room 15.17
6525 HT Nijmegen

Postal address

P.O. Box 9103
6500 HD Nijmegen

Bank account details

IBAN account: NL04INGB0000638596

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