Attendance Registration for External PhD Students Radboud Business Law Institute

On 1 September 2021, the revised procedure for attendance registration for external PhD students came into effect.

At the start of a PhD trajectory, an external PhD student can be appointed as an 'external PhD student with attendance registration'. In principle, this is an appointment for two years.

After these two years, renewal is only possible if the external PhD student can be registered in Hora Finita, the university registration and tracking system for PhD tracks. This requires

  • A research proposal approved by the Science Committee.
  • A report drawn up by the supervisor and the doctoral candidate, in which the progress and planning of the course are indicated.

Registration in Hora Finita can be extended several times by two years, provided the supervisors are of the opinion that the external PhD student has made sufficient progress.

To apply for an appointment as an external PhD student with attendance registration (without registration in Hora Finita), the following information is required: