Bjorn Teeuwen on seizing opportunities

Bjorn Teeuwen
By continuing to develop, I make the work more enjoyable for myself.
Bjorn Teeuwen

Bjorn Teeuwen, Head of Marketing and Communications Faculty of Arts, talks about his personal experience with personal leadership.

“At work, I've always had opportunities to grow and develop. This led me in past years to follow a language training programme, attend conferences, and take part in a staff training week abroad. But I can also grow in my immediate tasks, for example by trying out new tasks and projects, and giving them my own twist. Coming up with new ideas and seeing how things can be improved. In this way, I not only make my work more fun for myself, but I also try to make it more effective for the organisation. If I find a new project ‘scary’, I think to myself: ‘Why would I not be able to manage this?’ So don't let yourself get knocked off your feet, and make the best out of it!”