Photo of the Maria Montessori building
Photo of the Maria Montessori building

Behavioural Science Institute

The BSI is a multidisciplinary research institute that brings together experts from psychology, educational science, and communication science. We focus on strengthening people by understanding the foundations of human behaviour. We strongly commit to open science and aim to facilitate craftsmanship, curiosity and connection in academic research.


Social media op mobiele telefoon

Stricter phone policy at secondary schools: coordination with parents and pupils is crucial

Pupils can no longer use their mobile phones in the classroom, except for educational purposes. Behavioural scientists at Radboud University investigated what pupils think about this policy.

Family walking with children

How do we beat prolonged sitting behaviour?

How can we ensure an active lifestyle for generations to come? If parents set a good example, the chances are many times higher that children will keep doing sports for life, stay healthy, and meet the exercise norm.

Ongezond eten versus gezond eten

Unhealthy eating in young adults

This project investigates factors affecting eating behaviours, such as stress, physical activity, and BMI. Additionally, this project seeks to design interventions targeting food cravings and unhealthy eating behaviours.

Research projects

Biertjes naast elkaar

Exposure to Alcohol-Free Drink Advertisements

This project investigates the exposure and impact of alcohol-free drink advertisements on young people's alcohol consumption, aiming to develop policy and guidelines for responsible alcohol-free advertising.

Jongen met armen over elkaar. Achter hem staan sterke armen achter de muur getekend.

Mind the Gap

The 'Mind the Gap' research project contributes to increasing insights around recognising and aligning with the educational and support needs of (presumably) twice-exceptional students.

Onderzoeksproject icoon

The what and how of self-regulated learning strategies in education and sports

In this project, we offer a value-based choice perspective on self-regulated learning (SRL) in which choices are assigned a subjective value that leads to an SRL decision.


Peer relations and problematic eating behaviors in adolescence

Let's Meet - annual introduction new BSI employees!

Spotlight on statistics

The void of avoidance

Visiting address

The Behavioural Science Institute is located in the Maria Montessori building in Nijmegen.

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen


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