Photo of the Maria Montessori building
Photo of the Maria Montessori building

Behavioural Science Institute

The BSI is a multidisciplinary research institute that brings together experts from psychology, educational science, and communication science. We focus on strengthening people by understanding the foundations of human behaviour. We strongly commit to open science and aim to facilitate craftsmanship, curiosity and connection in academic research.


Bureau met bureaustoel en laptop

New interventions to sit less: ‘Stop getting coffee for your colleagues'

Most people are by now aware that sitting at your desk all day is not particularly healthy. Yet existing interventions, such as sit/standing desks and smartwatches with reminders to stand up, seem to bring about very little lasting change.

Children on phone

“Start teaching young people media literacy on time“

In times of fake news and endless streams of information, it is important that young people learn to critically reflect on what they read or see online. That is the opinion of Sanne Tamboer, a Communication Science researcher. On 20 July, she will...

Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

Hybrid Human-AI Regulation

This project focuses on the development of a ‘Hybrid Human-AI Regulation System’ (HHAIR system), which teaches 10- to 14-year-olds self-regulation skills. This will allow them to learn with support from adaptive or self-adaptive learning tools.

Research projects

Interactieve virtual reality training

This project examined the effects of virtual reality training on the socio-emotional functioning of adolescents diagnosed with developmental language disorders.

two people holding each other with rainbows painted on them

Somewhere over the rainbow

This projets aims to answer the question how entertainment media narratives can influence people’s openness towards underrepresented groups, specifically the LGBTQIA+ community.

Chatbot Usability

In this project, we seek to identify the key characteristics that influence users' interactions with chatbots. Specifically, we examine the impact of Emotional Interaction.


Jongeren die gamen met vrienden bouwen sterkere banden op

How video games can make it easier to discuss mental health

Depression is common among young people, but this target group often does not get the help they need. Books, exercise, and other depression prevention programmes do not achieve the envisioned results for everyone, but video games might help.

Pipet met testosteron

Administration of testosterone may help with exposure therapy

People with social anxiety disorder who receive exposure therapy may potentially benefit from testosterone administration. This is the conclusion of research by Moniek Hutschemaekers, who will be defending her PhD thesis at Radboud University.

Roos Vonk

How the ego inhibits personal development and social attachment

According to social psychologist Roos Vonk, our ego impedes our social relationships and our personal growth. Her latest book. ‘Mijn ego heeft altijd gelijk. Van zelfbedrog naar zelfkennis’ will be released by Meulenhoff Publishers on 12 September.

Visiting address

The Behavioural Science Institute is located in the Maria Montessori building in Nijmegen.

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen


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