Campus Psychologist Brochure

What does a campus psychologist do?

Radboud University staff members may contact the campus psychologist for coaching and intensive counselling when they are experiencing stress, tension, mood, depression and anxiety symptoms, if these symptoms are predominantly related to the work that they do at Radboud University 1).  You can register by sending an email to campuspyscholoog [at] Once you have registered, you will be paired with one of the campus psychologists and an intake interview will then be scheduled. During the intake interview, the campus psychologist will discuss the reason for your registration and together you will decide on the subsequent course of action. If this discussion indicates that the campus psychologist is the best person to counsel you, you will have the option of attending ten sessions so that a start can be made on treating your symptoms.

1)   If you are not sure who you should contact about your symptoms, please consult the overview in the link 'infographic coaching and guidance' at the bottom of this page

Campus psychologist fees

Your employer, Radboud University Nijmegen, will ensure that you have access to the campus psychologist’s services if your symptoms fall within the campus psychologist’s remit. You do not have to pay for utilising the campus psychologist’s services.

Before the counselling begins

Before the campus psychologist begins your counselling, they will discuss with you what the counselling will entail, what the objective of the counselling is, the approach that the campus psychologists will take and how the process will work. You are always free to express which aspects you wish to work on and what you expect to achieve from the counselling. You can then decide for yourself whether you wish to begin this process. The campus psychologist shall keep a file of the information from all of the sessions, and shall consequently include all of the information in this file that is relevant for the counselling that you receive.

Staff members’ rights

There are a number of laws that protect your rights as a ‘patient’ (because you are using the services of the campus psychologist) and to which the campus psychologists are bound. These laws include the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO), the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (WKKGZ) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There are various rights that are afforded to patients before, during and after treatment. Several of these are discussed below.

Right to confidentiality/privacy

The campus psychologist is bound by medical confidentiality. This means that no information about you or copies of information from your file will be provided to others. Such information will only be provided if a specific exception applies (for example, because you have given your consent). In accordance with Radboud University’s privacy policy, the campus psychologist shall also adhere to the regulations that have been laid down in the GDPR. Your data will be stored securely.

Right to inspect/obtain a copy of medical records

As a starting point, you have the right to inspect the file that the campus psychologist has created for you or to obtain a copy of it. You may submit such a request to your campus psychologist. The campus psychologist will subsequently process your request as quickly as possible and provide you with a response.

Right to alter/delete medical records

There is a legal obligation to retain your file for twenty years. It is possible to have your file deleted, except where otherwise stated. You may request that the information be deleted by submitting your request in writing or electronically (by email) to your campus psychologist. The campus psychologist will process your request and respond to it as soon as possible.

Not satisfied?

It is always the intention of the campus psychologist to respectfully provide high-quality counselling. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are not satisfied with the work methods or the counselling service. Your campus psychologist invites you to discuss this with them. Your campus psychologist will do their utmost to resolve your complaint. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution or if you feel that you would rather discuss your complaint with someone else as soon as possible, you can contact the independent Complaints Officer. The Complaints Officer can be contacted for advice on the submission and formulation of complaints and for advice on the subsequent steps that will need to be taken. Visit the website for more information about our Complaints and Disputes Procedure and the Complaints Officer’s contact details. 


Anoeshka Soedamah (Psychologist)
anoeshka.soedamah [at] 
(Mon. Tue, Wed)