Research at CMR

CMR research is characterised by interdisciplinary cooperation. CMR has an international orientation and emphasises the relationship between global and European developments and national legal practice.


The Centre for Migration Law is affiliated to the Research Centre for State & Law. Together with the department for Sociology of Law, CMR forms the 'Migration & Citizenship' sub-programme.

The research focuses on migration law in its broadest sense. Besides global, Union and national asylum and migration law, CMR studies legal and legal sociology issues related to:

  • naturalisation, integration, inclusion and equal treatment;
  • education and social security;
  • nationality and citizenship;
  • international family law, children's rights;
  • labour market participation, access to the labour market and international labour market issues;
  • access to justice and legal protection.


Within Radboud University, CMR collaborates with:


CMR leads or is involved in major research projects, including those funded by the European Commission: 

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All publications by staff members of the Centre for Migration Law can be found in Metis.

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Want to become a Visiting Fellow?

The CMR regularly hosts researchers from other academic institutions around the world. If you would like to stay at our centre for research purposes, please get in touch by emailing a brief explanation of your plans and your CV to coordinator Karin Zwaan.