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The board of the Centre for Notarial Law consists of:

Professor F.W.J.M. Schols, chairman
Professor J.S.L.A.W.B. Roes, secretary
Professor M.J. Vonk, member
Professor B.M.E.M. Schols, member


CNR's scientific mission is to conduct high-quality scientific research in the field of notarial law, in particular family property law, taking a multidisciplinary approach, including civil law and tax law. An essential characteristic is the practical orientation of the scientific research: thinking through fundamental principles and concepts of notarial law in the light of their practical applicability.

The CNR also aims to explore and initiate the application possibilities of scientific research, for example in the field of national laws and regulations. Research is inextricably linked to the Notarial Law programme, which has long been provided by the faculty. The CNR therefore has as one of its objectives the training and supervision of students in the master's phase and young researchers working within the CNR.

Within the CNR, the research carried out in an earlier phase under the 'Matrimonial Property Law' programme is broadly continued. The research was conducted under the leadership of Prof M.J.A. van Mourik (1987 -2008). Since 1 November 2008, Prof. F.W.J.M. Schols has been in charge.

The CNR's ambition is to rank among the national academic top. The CNR also hopes to structurally influence legal practice and contribute to laws and regulations.


The centre can be reached through the secretariat (GR. 03.098).

024 3612186

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