Centre for Language Studies
Centre for Language Studies

Centre for Language Studies

The Centre for Language Studies (CLS) is a research institute dedicated to the understanding of language and the way we use it. Our researchers study this fascinating topic from different perspectives and in several contexts, using a variety of innovative research methods. CLS aims to conduct research that is also valuable for organisations and audiences outside the academic world.


Mark Dingemanse 2023 door Jiri Büller

Vici grant for Mark Dingemanse (CLS) for research on the futures of language

Mark Dingemanse, linguist at the Centre for Language Studies, receives a €1.5 million Vici research grant from NWO that will allow him to set up a new line of research to investigate the relationship between language and technology.

Boek komt tot leven

Lack of visual imagery does not lead to less pleasure in reading

Cognitive scientist Laura Speed and her colleagues found in an initial study of reading in people with so-called aphantasia that they do not enjoy reading less, but they do become less engaged with a story.

Scrabble (Tifinagh). Behance. Photo by Madghis Madi

Stemmen van Afrika wins LOT Popularisation Prize 2024

In February, it was announced that the project Stemmen van Afrika won the LOT Popularisation Prize 2024.


CLS Lab Lunch

CLS Talks: Katie von Holzen

Symposium “Media to Inspire”

CLS Talks: Imme Lammertink

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The Centre for Language Studies is located in the Erasmus Building in Nijmegen.

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