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Centre for Language Studies

Centre for Language Studies

The Centre for Language Studies (CLS) is a research institute dedicated to the understanding of language and the way we use it. Our researchers study this fascinating topic from different perspectives and in several contexts, using a variety of innovative research methods. CLS aims to conduct research that is also valuable for organisations and audiences outside the academic world.



Grey's Anatomy or Me Before You helps in coping with death

People actively engaging with death, for instance by reading about it, and then watching a film where that subject is central, learn to deal with death better. This is shown by research by Enny Das and Anneke de Graaf from Radboud University.

Teacher reading to children. Yan Krukau. Pexels

Learning Dutch for Ukrainians

This research project at Radboud University aims to bring insight into the link between learners' psychological well-being and learning Dutch.

Street of Paris

Improve your French listening skills with Learning Casual French

Many people learning a second language find it difficult to keep up with native speakers. That is why language scientists are launching the "Learning Casual French" website to improve the French listening skills of second-language learners.


CLS Talks: Bert Le Bruyn

Highlights in the Language Sciences Conference 2024

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The Centre for Language Studies is located in the Erasmus Building in Nijmegen.

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