Centre for Language Studies
Centre for Language Studies

Centre for Language Studies

The Centre for Language Studies (CLS) is a research institute dedicated to the understanding of language and the way we use it. Our researchers study this fascinating topic from different perspectives and in several contexts, using a variety of innovative research methods. CLS aims to conduct research that is also valuable for organisations and audiences outside the academic world.


Two children gossiping to each other

Input effects on the morphosyntactic development of Dutch as a heritage language in bilingual children

This project investigates the Dutch language development of Dutch-speaking children in France and Germany by exploring the role of the other language (French or German) and amount of exposure on the development of Dutch as a home language.

Kletskoppen Art & Science

Linguistics lessons for newly arrived children: Kletskoppen receives NWA funding for 'Language on Tour'

Thanks to the NWA funding, Kletskoppen can develop a teaching programme that is specifically intended to introduce newly arrived children to science and linguistics in order to make them more confident and self-aware.

Wyke Stommel

Wyke Stommel appointed professor of Language and interaction in Digital Contexts

From 1 December 2023, Wyke Stommel will be appointed Professor of Language and Interaction in Digital Contexts at the Radboud University Faculty of Arts.


CLS Lab Lunch

G&C Colloquium: Thursday 14 December

CLS Talks: Laura Speed

Using computational models to bridge between neurobiology, psychology, and linguistic theory

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The Centre for Language Studies is located in the Erasmus Building in Nijmegen.

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