AI speaks letters
AI speaks letters

Centre for Language and Speech Technology

We are CLST, the Centre for Language and Speech Technology. We are committed to the development of language and speech technology in an innovative way. Our researchers are experts in research, application development and consultancy. They carry out projects for national and international collaborations and on assignment for commercial parties.

Making language and speech technology available for everyone

The amount of information available in our digitised society is constantly increasing and has a huge impact on our daily lives. In order to ensure that everyone - the elderly, young people, natives, immigrants, the highly educated, the poorly educated, people with communication problems, etc. - has access to this data and can (continue to) participate in our information society, CLST joins forces in four research areas:

Data on laptop screen

Communication-driven knowledge extraction

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Language learning & language teaching

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Patient talking to doctor on screen

Communication in health care

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Resources; data, tools, infrastructure

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Henk van den Heuvel

Henk van den Heuvel joins the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors

Henk van den Heuvel has joined the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors (BoD) on 1 October 2023. He will be working with the other BoD members and the executive director on the development and implementation of the CLARIN ERIC strategy and policy.

Logo DigiJuf

Playfully practicing speaking and reading

The Centre for Language and Speech Technology at Radboud University Nijmegen and the game company 8D Games have jointly developed the prototype DigiJuf, a game that promotes reading and speaking skills.

A child reading something on a laptop

Learning to read better with software that listens and gives feedback

Since 1 March 2023, the very first Reading Tutor with automatic speech recognition for Dutch has been implemented in primary schools. The basis for the programme was developed by researchers at the Centre for Language and Speech Technology.

Our research projects

Stethoscoop op tafel

HoMed (Homo Medicinalis)

HoMed (Homo Medicinalis) will implement a SSH research infrastructure with an enormous potential for automatic transcription of sensitive audio-visual (AV) recordings.

Een kind leest van een tablet

DART: Dutch Automatic Reading Tutor

This project investigates how reading practice software with automatic speech recognition (ASH) and automatic feedback on reading aloud can best be developed and implemented in school practice and at home.

More research projects

Collaboration in innovation

CLST has created a solid network for collaborations and project proposals to extend the research outside the borders of the institute. CLST works together with international or national acknowledged research institutes, industry, societal institutions and other potential users. In addition, the institute is always looking for new partners to combine powers to create innovative research and products that contribute to society.


For more information about CLST, information about collaborations or suggestions for new research, please contact us.

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