Research Facilities

Researchers of the Centre for Language Studies can make use of several research facilities.

Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST)

The Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST) focuses on language and speech technology projects, primarily for external stakeholders. The centre is embedded in CLS. In addition, CLST is a CLARIN C and T centre specialised in language and speech corpora for atypical speech.

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Humanities Lab

Researchers at the Centre for Language Studies can make use of the facilities in the Humanities Lab. The Humanities Lab offers technical facilities for research within the Faculty of Arts. Humanities Lab is a collective name for three components: the CLS Lab, the Video Lab and the Computer Lab.

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Web based experiment software

In the CLS Lab we have the following software for online experiments:

Qualtrics (for online surveys)

Qualtrics is a tool for creating and conducting online surveys. CLS researchers and Faculty of Arts students can use the Faculty of Arts Qualtrics Licence.

ROLEG (for online language experiments)

ROLEG (Radboud Online Linguistic Experiment Generator) is an application for creating and running online language experiments. The application can be accessed through For information on how to use the tool, how to register etc., please consult our intranet site.


Networks facilitate research past the borders of our institute. Many researchers of CLS founded and collaborate in networks, of which an overview is presented below.