Evalytics key users

Evalytics is an online tool that can be used to perform evaluations. If you would like to use Evalytics, please contact the key user of your faculty/department.

  • Centre for Professional Legal Education: Nicole Liebers-Hesseling (nicole.liebers [at] cpo.ru.nl (nicole[dot]liebers[at]cpo[dot]ru[dot]nl))
  • Radboud Centre for Social Sciences tracks AMID & RITHA: Daphne van Cauter (daphne.vancauter [at] ru.nl)
  • Faculty of Arts: Kees Oerlemans (evalytics-let [at] ru.nl)
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences: Roos Lindeboom (roos.lindeboom [at] radboudumc.nl), Daisy Kok (daisy.kok [at] radboudumc.nl)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Michelle Camps (michelle.camps [at] ru.nl)
  • Radboud In’to Languages: Ellen Dijkstra (e.dijkstra [at] ru.nl), Rebecca Keshish Danialian (r.keshishdanialian [at] ru.nl), Simone Claessen (s.claessen [at] ru.nl), Marlindy Roelofs (marlindy.roelofs [at] ru.nl)
  • Nijmegen School of Management: Erna Veneman (erna.veneman [at] ru.nl)
  • Radboud Teacher Academy: Lieke van der Zee (l.vanderzee [at] ru.nl), Maaike Messelink (maaike.messelink [at] ru.nl)
  • Radboud Writing Lab: Nelleke Haverkate (n.haverkate [at] ru.nl)

General contact

If you have other questions please contact evalytics [at] ru.nl (evalytics[at]ru[dot]nl).

Organisational unit