Education Support

The department of Education Support is responsible for organising and executing university-wide services that support the education at Radboud University. Among other things, the department supports lecturers and study programmes in their desire to innovate their education, provides training for lecturers, manages the educational ICT applications, is responsible for the logistics and process coordination of digital assessment, and increasingly directs the planning of education and examinations.

The different teams within the department cooperate with faculties and divisions and departments within Radboud Services to ensure high-quality education.


You can contact the EvaluationService team to design, conduct, and analyse surveys and questionnaires. The team can also help with analysing assessments.

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Educational Design & Technology

The Educational Design & Technology team offers lecturers customised design processes in which motivating education is developed and implemented in co-creation. You can request the EDT team as a partner for the (innovative) redesign of your course, learning track or curriculum.

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Communication Domain Education

In collaboration with the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, the department manages a website for lecturers and sends a monthly newsletter to all lecturers of Radboud University.

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Educational Planning & Assessment Coordination

The Education Planning & Assessment Coordination team is part of the department of Education Support and responsible for the (process) coordination of digital assessment. The team also manages the digital assessment software and the timetable system.

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Educational Advice & Teacher Development

Team Educational Advice & Teacher Development is part of the department for Education Support and offers programmes and lecturers advice based on an educational perspective on education. The coaches and trainers in this team provide a wide range of courses for lecturers and guide teachers towards the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) and the Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ).

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Education & ICT

The Education & ICT team is part of the department of Education Support and is responsible for supporting and managing the digital learning environment of Radboud University. Education & ICT consists of two sub teams: Radboud Educational Clips and team System administrators Digital Learning Environment.

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Process Management Education planning

Process management for Education and Examination Planning is responsible for organising the continuous improvement of education planning services by enabling effective cooperation of all stakeholders.

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