Behaviour Regulation And ChangE Lab (BRACE Lab)

In this lab group, we investigate which psychological mechanisms influence human behaviour and in what way. We study this in a variety of decision-making contexts. Via a thorough experimental approach, we try to understand how these mechanisms can either facilitate (e.g. by motivation or learning competences) or hamper (e.g. because of bad habits or psychological resistance) our health and well-being. With our research, we aim to contribute to a solid foundation for high quality behaviour change interventions that stimulate the well-being of our society.


As a research group, our focus spans various domains, including food choice, innovation and creativity, automatic vs. controlled behavior, attitudes, value-based decisions, behavior change strategies, nudging vs. boosting, psychological resistance, and inaction. Through our research endeavors, we aim to gain insights into these areas and contribute to a deeper understanding of human behaviour and decision-making processes.

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Maria Montessori building

Thomas Van Aquinostraat 4
6525GD Nijmegen
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