Complex Systems Group

In our interdisciplinary research group, we explore complexity across various scientific disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, biology, economics, psychology, and life sciences. Our focus is on developing simplified models that can simulate a wide range of behavioural phenomena in complex systems. These systems consist of interconnected components operating at different scales, generating system-level behaviours. By quantifying factors like periodicity, nonlinearity, context sensitivity, and resistance to perturbation, we delve into the intricate interactions within these systems.


Our research concerns three main areas, Firstly: on perception, action, and cognition, with a particular emphasis on reading. Secondly, on change processes in psychopathology and interventions. Lastly, we contribute to the development of research methods and data-analysis techniques, including the creation of the R-package 'casnet'. In doing so, we apply general principles and universal laws governing adaptive behaviour in complex systems.

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