Healthy Student Life

Within our Healthy Student Life research group, our research focusses on well-being, stressors, health behaviour, and student success, including topics like study and achievement pressure, substance use, physical (in)activity, social safety, study-life balance and social support. Our goal is to support healthy student lives, improve student well-being and contribute to a successful and meaningful study period.


By means of a longitudinal questionnaire study, we aim to map the complex interrelated network of these topics and provide concrete recommendations that can be used to positively influence student well-being at Radboud University. 

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Are you interested in the current initiatives that Radboud University has to support the well-being of students? See below for more information. 

Student support

Radboud University offers support to students whom, for whatever reason, need help to successfully complete their studies. Get advice from a member of our student support team, join a course or training, or take advantage of a regulation.

Study delay

If your studies are delayed because of your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support.

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