Nijmegen Centre for Anxiety and Affective disorders Research and Expertise – NijCa2re

At NijCa2re, our aim is to advance knowledge and comprehension surrounding the causes and treatment of anxiety and affective disorders. We strive to improve existing treatments and develop new, more effective approaches for these disorders. Through our studies, we aim to enhance existing treatments and develop novel approaches to benefit patients and their therapists.


Our collaborative partnership with the Research Programme Experimental Psychopathology and Treatment, Pro Persona, and the UMC Radboud enables us to combine expertise and resources for effective research outcomes. We adopt a trans-diagnostic perspective, exploring common underlying factors in these disorders. Additionally, our research takes a lifespan focus, examining how these disorders manifest and impact individuals across different stages of life.

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Maria Montessori building

Thomas Van Aquinostraat 4
6525GD Nijmegen
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