RATIO: Wetenschappelijk Expertisecentrum RAdboud Talent In Ontwikkeling

The Scientific Expertise Centre RAdboud Talent in Ontwikkeling (RATiO) (Radboud Talent in Development) aims for qualitative excellent scientific research on giftedness and the practical application of the research findings. Our research concerns gifted students' characteristics, educational needs, and environment, focusing on inter- and intra-individual differences.


The current educational system is not always sufficiently equipped to deal with individual differences, particularly concerning gifted students. RATiO research aims to contribute to the innovation of education, so that all students, including the talented and gifted, receive the education they need.

Research methods

We innovatively acquire our knowledge by combining fundamental and applied research in cooperation with partners in practice. We share this knowledge with parties concerned, like educational institutions, teachers and mental health workers, students and their parents, governments and the press. The uniqueness of this expertise centre lies in the close cooperation among scientists, scientist-practitioners, and clinical experts. This makes RATiO an expertise centre where scientific research is the base of practical applications.

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Koios is the international think-tank platform on giftedness. Koios is a chance for professionals in research and practice to engage enthusiastic students in the field of giftedness in projects they are working on. The platform allows people worldwide with different views to meet, creating fruitful discussions, collaborations and new insights.

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