Social Development

The Social Development group conducts fundamental research on social development and related processes across the lifespan. We aim to contribute new knowledge to developmental science through cutting-edge research projects, high-impact publications, and excellent dissertations. Our aim is that this knowledge has applied relevance to clinical, developmental, and educational practice.


We study caregiver-child interaction in early and middle childhood, peer relationships in middle childhood and adolescence, and social relationships in later life. We study typical and atypical populations (e.g., ADHD, visually impaired children). We combine traditional longitudinal and observational developmental research methods with modern methods from psychobiology and neuroscience.

Research methods

Our methods include sequential analysis, psychophysiology and hormonal assessments, neuropsychological paradigms, fMRI and EEG recordings, sociometric analysis, dynamic social network modelling, and advanced longitudinal data analysis.

Research groups

Peer relations Lab Group


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