Social Human Agent Interactions (sHAI)

As a research group, our mission is to combine fundamental and applied research to generate knowledge and practical applications in the fields of social science, education, and care. We aim to collaborate with practitioners and share our findings with key stakeholders, including educational institutions, teachers, caregivers, students, parents, government agencies, and the media. Our unique expertise lies in fostering collaboration between scientists, scientist-practitioners, and clinical experts, ensuring that our research forms the foundation for practical solutions and advancements.


We conduct fundamental research, which explores underlying principles and concepts and applied research, which addresses real-world challenges and seeks practical solutions. To ensure the relevance and applicability of our research, we actively collaborate with practitioners in the field, using their expertise and insights. Our collaborative and interdisciplinary approach allows us to bridge the gap between theory and practice, making our research impactful and applicable in real-world settings.

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