Discourse and Pragmatics

In this group we investigate the regularities behind language use and their effect on the production and interpretation of written, spoken and computer-mediated discourse. How do stylistic choices affect the impact of language use? How do digital contexts differ from written and spoken ones? How do we establish a coherent representation of a discourse, in different genres and media? How can we use rhetoric to improve the quality of texts written in different media? How do languages differ in their repertoire of cohesive devices and framing techniques? We use quantitative and qualitative corpus analyses and experiments to answer such questions.

Research projects

Three students talking to each other in a school setting

Peer feedback and higher-order aspects

This study investigates whether dialogic peer feedback results conversations in which higher-order aspects, such as structure and content, are discussed more than in non-dialogic peer feedback and whether this leads to more text revisions.

Different flags hanging across the street

Multilingualism at school and in society

In this project, an (online) workshop will be developed in which students' (10-12 years old) language and cultural awareness will be appealed to by introducing them to their own language potential.


We like to work together with the Radboud University's valorisation unit Peitho. Peitho is Radboud University's knowledge center for rhetoric and bundles knowledge and expertise in the field of rhetoric and persuasion at the Radboud Campus.


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